proposed amendment of section 3 of article ix

They contended Harmon calculated his claimed tax relief from current rates rather than current law at the time. The power to propose the revision or amendment of any portion or portions of this constitution by initiative is reserved to the people, provided that, any such revision or amendment, except for those limiting the power of government to raise revenue, shall embrace but one subject and matter directly connected therewith. Local measures | [82][83][85][86][87][88] Many proponents, including the organizations formed to advocate for the passage of the proposal, have emphasized that 97% of Illinois families would not see an increase in income taxes, since the new rates passed by the legislature accompanying the ballot referendum only raise taxes for those making over $250,000. [25], Concurrently with the constitutional amendment proposals, legislators debated Senate Bill 687, which lays out the proposed new tax structure which will only go into place if voters approve Constitutional Amendment 1. individuals and one such tax so imposed on corporations. Immigration | [45] In 2019, Democrats held supermajorities in the Senate (68 percent of seats) and House (63 percent of seats). The Mayor nominates and the City Council appoints a fire chief under section 8.4(b). They argued that the loss of revenue would be bad for Illinois' businesses, due in part to the fact that the state still owed many private businesses money. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, now is the worst possible time for a massive tax increase. 3) SECTION 3. SB 687 would have changed the state's income tax from a flat rate to six graduated rates beginning on January 1, 2021. [20], Gov. -moz-columns: 2; -webkit-columns: 1; I'm confident that Illinois voters will join me in rejecting the Jobs Tax Constitutional Amendment next November. Section 3.02 Term of Office. The justices shall, subject to their rules of procedure, permit interested persons to be heard on the questions presented and shall render their written opinion no later than April 1 of the year in which the initiative is … The amendment proposed by this resolution shall be submitted to the people for their approval or rejection at the next general election or at any special election prior to that date that may be called for that purpose. 3. Emotional Arguments Project Hope and Fear as Voters Set to Decide What Could Be Illinois' Biggest Taxation Shift in Decades", "Illinois' Graduated Income Tax Plan: What You Need to Know", "2019 State Individual Income Tax Rates and Brackets", "Connecticut Income Tax Rates and Brackets Since 1991", "How Connecticut's 'tax on the rich' ended in middle-class tax hikes, lost jobs and more poverty", "IRS provides tax inflation adjustments for tax year 2020", "Governor's Budget Projection Shows Illinois' Continuing Financial Woes", "STATE OF ILLINOIS FY2015 BUDGET ROADMAP", "Millionaire tax amendment advances to House; progressive income tax rejected", "State lawmaker unveils progressive income tax plan", "Progressive Tax Moves Out of Senate Committee", "Illinois graduated income tax push stalls out", "Rate structure proposed for progressive income tax", "500 Religious Leaders March in Support of Fair Tax, Tell Illinois Policy Institute to Stop Misinformation Campaign", "Illinois General Assembly - Bill Status for SJRCA0001", "House vote puts Pritzker's graduated income tax plan on November 2020 ballot", "PRITZKER's BIG WIN — BRADY, MUNOZ stake in video gambling — ABORTION BILL fate uncertain", "Illinois graduated income tax plan will go to voters after Governor JB Pritzker's bill passes the State House", "Illinois General Assembly - Bill Status for SB0687", "Illinois constitutional amendment on income tax rates clears state...", "Amendment to Senate Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment", "Official Fair Tax language on the ballot", "Official Fair Tax Language on the Ballot", "Illinois General Assembly - Full Text of SJR0001", "Illinois Voters Asked To Decide 'Fair Tax': What You Need To Know", "Gov. -webkit-columns: 2; | LIMITATIONS ON INCOME TAXATION (a) The General Assembly shall provide by law for the rate or rates of any tax on or of any tax on or measured by income imposed by the State. font-size:1.0em; The amendment does not itself change tax rates. [47], To register to vote in Illinois, a person must be a U.S. citizen, a resident of an Illinois precinct for at least 30 days prior to election day, and at least 18 years old by election day. Senate Joint Resolution No. Ten of the measures addressed taxes on properties, three were related to income tax rates, two addressed tobacco taxes, one addressed business-related taxes, one addressed sales tax rates, one addressed fees and surcharges, and one was related to tax-increment financing (TIF). .arguments-bm-widget li { Instead, the ballot measure would have allowed the state to enact legislation for a graduated income tax.[1]. [2], Vote Yes For Fairness led the campaign in support of the constitutional amendment. [36], The proposed constitutional amendment includes a requirement that corporate tax rates must not exceed the highest income tax rate by a ratio of 8 to 5. Illinois Allow for Graduated Income Tax Amendment (2020), The ballot measure would have repealed the state's constitutional requirement that the state's personal income tax is a flat rate across income. SECTION 3. } Section 3.07 Vacancies; Length of Appointment. The official ballot language of the question is as follows:[31][32][33]. After the COVID-19 Pandemic, We Need to Do All We Can to Help the Economy and Middle-Class and Working People. .ballot-measure-endorsements ul { The referendum was not approved, receiving about 45% "yes" votes and 55% "no" votes. House of Representatives | Julie Sampson, the political director of Citizen Action Illinois, was the treasurer of Vote Yes for Fair Tax. margin-top: 0 !important; This is money that middle and lower income people need for housing, groceries, medicine, and essentials. Craig Duchossois - 3) In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, now is the worst possible time for a massive tax increase. Emotional arguments project hope and fear as voters set to decide what could be Illinois' biggest taxation shift in decades", "Compare and contrast two new ads supporting the "Fair Tax, "Union leaders vow to campaign for 'Fair Tax' amendment", "Illinois unions endorse Pritzker's "Fair Tax, "Illinois AFL-CIO seeking help passing the Fair Tax Amendment", "Statement: Grassroots Collaborative Lauds House Passage of Fair Tax", "Businesses need a fairer Illinois income tax", "Groups weigh pros and cons of Pritzker's progressive income tax amendment", "Editorial: The move toward a graduated income tax in Illinois", "Illinois GOP lawmakers slam graduated income tax proposal at Rockford event", "Vote No Blank Check For Illinois Politicians", "Illinois Voters Favor Graduated Income Tax, Wide Range of Reforms", "Memorandum Re: May 2019 Illinois Statewide Survey of Likely 2020 General Election Voters", "Illinois Voters Favor Graduated Income Tax, 'Millionaire's Tax, "Illinois Constitution - Amendments Proposed", "Pandemic, Lack of Trust in Government and Madigan Effect Help Send Graduated Tax Amendment to Defeat", "Official Canvass General Election November 3, 2020", Illinois Governor Recall Amendment (2010),, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, American Association of University Women Illinois, Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Chicago, Black Women Organizing for Power-BWOP Chicago, Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation, Community Organizing and Family Issues (COFI), GSU Chapter of State Universities Annuitant Association, Illinois Association of Rehabilitation Facilities, Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, League of Women Voters of Glenview/Glencoe, League of Women Voters Homewood-Flossmoor Area, League of Women Voters of Central Kane County, League of Women Voters of Greater Rockford, League of Women Voters of Oak Park and River Forest, League of Women Voters of Roselle-Bloomingdale, League of Women Voters of the Edwardsville Area, National Alliance on Mental Illness of Illinois (NAMI Illinois), Parents Organized to Win, Educate, and Review-Policy Action Council, IL (POWER-PAC IL), Supportive Housing Providers Association of Illinois, American Federation of Government Employees, District 7, Bricklayers Administrative District Council 1 of Illinois, Cook County College Teachers Union, Local 1600, East Central Illinois Building & Construction Trades Council, Elgin Community College Faculty Association, IFT Local 3791, Federation of College Clerical and Technical Personnel, IFT Local 1708, International Association of Machinists Local 126, Laborers’ International Union of North America – Midwest Region, Southwestern Illinois Central Labor Council, Springfield and Central Illinois Trades and Labor Council, Triton College Faculty Association (TCFA), Local 1600, University Professionals of Illinois Local 4100, Social Justice Committee of Unitarian Universalist Society of Geneva, Unitarian Universalist Advocacy Network of Illinois, United Church of Christ: CMA Justice & Witness Team, National Federation of Independent Business Federal Political Action Committee, This page was last edited on 27 December 2020, at 02:51. } A "yes" vote supported repealing the state's constitutional requirement that the state personal income tax be a flat rate and instead allow the state to enact legislation for a graduated income tax. Together, the committees had raised $60.33 million. .split-cols-bm { From 2016 to 2018, Democrats held majorities in the House and Senate but not enough seats to pass a constitutional amendment along partisan lines. ARTICLE IX REVENUE SECTION 1. [9] In January 2014, the non-partisan business group Civic Federation of Chicago estimated that the prescribed cut in income tax would yield decreased revenues of $1.4 billion in FY15 growing to $2.7 billion in FY16. [21] The resolution received two votes more than the 71 votes needed to pass in the House, in what the Chicago Tribune called a "historic vote". .endorsements-header { [8] Quentin Fulks, a former campaign staffer for Gov. ratio of 8 to 5. [91][92][88][93] In endorsing the Fair Tax proposal, a coalition of 125 labor unions in the state argued that it would reduce economic inequality and would enable increased funding for public education and healthcare. The flat income tax rates ranged from 2.00% in Tennessee to 5.25% in North Carolina. Page Article/Section Proposed language Change Constitution 2 of 17 Article IX. In Illinois, income is taxed at a flat rate of 4.95%. In any such tax imposed upon corporations the highest rate shall not exceed the highest rate imposed on individuals by more than a ratio of 8 to 5. State. Circuit Courts, Budget and finances | Rauner opposed Pritzker's proposal and instead campaigned on decreasing the rate of the state's flat income tax. The "no" votes outnumbered the "yes" votes by 53.27 to 46.73%. | [94][106] The Illinois Policy Institute, a libertarian think tank, points to the amendment's removal of the provision that the state may only impose one tax on income and argues that legislators will be able to impose additional or special taxes on top of the regular income tax. As small businesses and local employers struggle to rebuild, this is the worst possible time to impose huge new tax increases. In Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, New Jersey, and Virginia, voters also decided eight ballot measures related to exemptions, adjustments, and payments: Florida Amendment 5, Florida Amendment 6, Referendum A, Louisiana Amendment 2, Louisiana Amendment 5, Louisiana Amendment 6, New Jersey Question 2, and Virginia Question 2. (a) A tax on or measured by income shall be at a non-graduated rate. Griffin. The proposed amendment would expand certain rights already granted to crime victims in Illinois, and give crime victims the abil-ity to enforce their rights in a court of law. It would simply give the Legislature a blank check to spend billions of dollars however they want, with no accountability. [5], The proposed amendment grants the State authority to impose higher income tax rates on higher income levels, which is how the federal government and a majority of other states do it. The vote requirement for constitutional amendments was either (a) 60 percent of votes cast on the ballot measure itself or (b) a simple majority of all of those voting in the election. This amendment will help small business owners by creating a stable economic environment for their businesses to thrive. Illinois allows same-day voter registration. [22][23][24] The passage of the resolution placed the proposed amendment on the ballot in the next general election on November 3, 2020. [AMENDMENT 43, 1965 ex.s. The amendment does not itself change tax rates. Grace period registration is available in person through election day at certain locations. The General Assembly shall provide by law for the rate or rates of any tax on or measured by income imposed by the State. Nov 2010: Illinois Governor Recall Amendment, Nov 2012: Illinois Public Pension Amendment, Nov 2014: Illinois Right to Vote Amendment, legislatively referred constitutional amendment, Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives, "Graduated income tax question heads to ballot as House OKs constitutional amendment", "Pritzker-Funded Group Concedes Defeat on Illinois Graduated Income Tax Amendment, Throwing Future of State Finances in Doubt", "Fair Tax or Tax Hike? PROPOSED AMENDMENT TO SECTION 3 OF ARTICLE IX OF THE ILLINOIS CONSTITUTION ARTICLE IX – REVENUE SECTION 3. TWO Year Term For the proposed amendment of Section 3 NINETY-FOURTH REPRESENTATIVE whether the proposed amendment should FOR REPRESENTATIVE igher income levels and lower income tax rates on those with middle or lower REPRESENTATIVE rates. } On May 1, 2019, the state Senate passed SJR 1, with support from 40 state senators. In 2020, voters in 14 states voted on 21 ballot measures addressing tax-related policies. Congressional delegation | A flat income tax, which taxes all income levels at the same rate, is required by the current Illinois state constitution. As You are asked to decide whether the proposed amendment should become a part of the Illinois Constitution. [89][35][90], Labor unions, activist groups, and Democratic Party politicians have pointed to estimates that the new tax rates would increase state revenues by $3.4 billion annually while reducing the burden on lower-income families, arguing that increased revenues could be used to fund schools, healthcare, and public safety. [12] Proponents argued that Harmon's rate schedule would provide tax relief to 94% of Illinoisans. Illinois does not require voters to present identification while voting, in most cases. A tax on or measured by income shall be at a Pritzker campaigned on enacting a graduated income tax, including a constitutional amendment. There were at least two 501(c)(4) nonprofit organizations that spent funds to advertise for or against the constitutional amendment while legislators were considering the measure. This amendment does not tax retirement income. [16][17], Senator Harmon's proposal was estimated to reduce the tax bill of the Illinois median taxpayer (making $55,317 per year) by $303 per year versus the 5 percent rate. Online registration closes 16 days prior to an election. Taxes. Under the new tax structure, only the top 3% of Illinois income earners would pay more in income taxes. And the Legislature has increased Illinois income tax rates twice in the past decade to try to deal with the out-of-control spending in Springfield. Currently, it is unfair that billionaires pay the same tax rate as regular people. Approval of this amendment would enact a fair system that allows the state to tax wealthy people at higher rates and lower income people at lower rates, replacing Illinois' current unfair tax system, in which wealthy people pay the exact same tax rate as lower and middle income people. Because of the way our current tax system is set up, the bottom fifth of Illinois taxpayers (those making below $21,800) contribute 14.4% of their income to state and local taxes, compared to 7.4% for the top 1 percent of Illinois taxpayers. Having wealthy people pay more would reduce the burden on working families. legislatively referred constitutional amendment, recently scheduled reports processed by Ballotpedia, Campaign finance requirements for Illinois ballot measures, University of Illinois Springfield Survey Research Office, Paul Simon Public Policy Institute at Southern Illinois University, Illinois gubernatorial and lieutenant gubernatorial election, 2018, Illinois Allow for Graduated Income Tax Amendment, Laws permitting noncitizens to vote in the United States, Click here for the Illinois State Board of Elections voting information page to ensure you have the most current information, Illinois Proposed Constitutional Amendment Guide, Vote No on Blank Check Amendment on Facebook, Vote No on Blank Check Amendment on Twitter, State and local government budgets, spending and finance‎, Petition drive deadlines and requirements, Changes in 2020 to laws governing the initiative process,, Referred amendment certified for the 2020 ballot, Tracking election disputes, lawsuits, and recounts, Ballotpedia's Daily Presidential News Briefing, Submit a photo, survey, video, conversation, or bio, Yes to a Financially Responsible Illinois, 7.99% on net income instead of marginal rates, Greg Baise - Section 3.06 Council Vacancies; No Party Affiliation. Ballotpedia updates the reports as soon as possible after the campaign finance filing deadline. As a constitutional amendment, the proposal needed to be approved by 60% of those voting on the referendum, or by 50% of all voters voting in the election. Votes occurred along partisan lines. Environment | 2. exceed the highest rate imposed on individuals by more than a With passage in both the state Senate and House, SJR 1 was referred to the ballot for voter consideration. (a) The General Assembly shall provide by law for the rate } Illinois is among a minority of states that do not utilize graduated tax rates because the Illinois Constitution requires a "flat tax" that penalizes middle-class and working people and benefits higher income individuals. J.B. Pritzker's income tax proposal", "Illinois Chamber fighting Pritzker progressive income tax proposal", "Groups begin campaign over progressive income tax amendment in Illinois", "NFIB Joins No Progressive Tax Coalition", "Vote Yes For Fairness - Fair Tax Official Home", "Taxation is first order of business for state legislators", "Illinois Faith Leaders Host Prayer Vigil, Pledge Support For A 'Fair' Income Tax", "Improving Tax Fairness Through Income Tax Reform", "Taxing messages: Opposing sides in graduated income tax battle move to captivate captive audience", "Fair Tax Provides Relief for 97% of Illinoisans", "Pritzker's budget message: Pass graduated income tax or lose $1.4B for schools, health care, public safety", "Fair tax or tax hike? Comparison of state income tax structures. .split-cols-bm { [38][39], Three 501(c)(4) organizations have been formed to support the Fair Tax amendment. In the state Senate, Democrats won 40 seats, an increase from 37 seats. Section 3.08 Compensation. A 17-year-old may vote in a primary if he or she will be 18 years old at the subsequent general election. The Legislature should not be allowed to keep raising taxes until they get their spending under control. In addition, this proposed change will pave the way for a tax on retirement income. That’s because the Legislature has continued to increase state spending instead of eliminating government waste, corruption, and abuse. Democrats supported SJR 1, and Republicans opposed SJR 1. For the proposed amendment of Section 3 of Article IX of the Illinois Constitution. [18] Other speculative proposals had called for top marginal rates as high as 11 percent, but they were not introduced in the state legislature. The ballot measure was defeated. Ken Griffin, the founder and CEO of Citadel, contributed 88 percent of the PACs' total combined funds. - Fire. It gives the State the ability to impose higher tax rates on those with higher income levels and lower tax rates on those with middle or lower income levels. Pritzker contributed $56.50 million to the campaign. [1][23] To pass, it requires 60% of the votes on the ballot measure itself, or a simple majority of all of those voting in the election. non-graduated rate. Nearby states including Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin are among the majority of states that have graduated tax systems. Some states require interim reports in response to contributions of a certain size in addition to scheduled reports. On January 28, 2019, Senator Don Harmon introduced a joint resolution that would propose a constitutional amendment allowing the Illinois government to change from a flat tax rate to a graduated rate. font-weight:bold; A graduated tax rate would have the executive pay more. The state with the highest top-bracket rate—and the largest difference between the bottom and top rates—is California, where the bottom rate is 1.00% and the top rate is 13.30%. width: 50%; Bruce Rauner (R). A tax SR SFFReaSHFeE!13yiResFRe shall Be at a State Senate | Illinois is one of 11 states with a flat-rate income tax, meaning there is a constant rate across income before deductions and exemptions. In any [45], Two organizations have been formed to campaign against the Fair Tax amendment.

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