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Once they learn that they are in their forever homes, they become the consummate companion who seeks affection and is eternally grateful to be part of a family. For information about DdeVida and their available dogs, please visit their website and follow them on Facebook. They joined forces, raised funds, found a safe residency for him and bought him free — SOS Podenco Rescue was born! Casa de Postas was born with this in mind. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Without donations, the charities cannot provide help. Our mission is to RESCUE, REHABILITATE and REHOME Podencos of all types. Ibizan Hound Rescue. For information about Ibizan Hound Rescue and their available dogs, please visit their  website and follow them on Facebook. Associación Protectora Argos was founded in Seville on February 24, 2010, by a group of people who, having collaborated with other protective groups and shelters and knowing the difficulties of keeping a number of animals that is sustainable, decided to offer an alternative. We fundraise to help the Spanish rescues and adopt galgos and podencos to the US. Our main job is the recuperation of galgos, the majority from animal health centres and their rehabilitation until they are put up for adoption in Spain and outside of our borders. 5 talking about this. They do not have their own kennels or property in Spain but use a privately run kennel establishment in Zaragoza, where their dogs are superbly well cared for, thanks to our friend Pilar Sanchez Gomez and her team of ADALA Zaragoza. SOS Podenco Rescue was formed in September 2013 and came about purely by chance. Welcome and thanks for your interest in Podencos, Galgos and the general hound situation in Spain. Independantly from each other, Maria Casares and Ulrika Schofield spotted a young, rough coated Podenco named Ray on Facebook who was awaiting death in the killing station in Valencia. He had only days to live and they had to act quickly. Many people and a lot of man hours but the following photo, sent to me by Rick showing a very contented Ronnie making himself at home, in front of the Aga, in foster care, shows us why we do it! We mainly focus on the increased sensitivity to animals through education and knowledge while we seek to improve their welfare. Make sure you FOLLOW us on social media and please SHARE our beautiful pods!. Most breeds of Podenco only come in 3 colours - white, copper and white/copper combo. Quirky and clownish, our pods deserve homes too. A few of IHR dogs are long-term residents as they may never overcome their fears enough to be able to live anywhere but with them. We help abandoned and mistreated animals in the hopes of finding them permanent families. From tiny puppies to golden oldies, the injured and the unwell… Adopt or Sponsor a Podenco. Our dogs are vaccinated, chipped and negative for disease unless noted. Yes, we are GALGOS del Sol but we know first-hand that podencos are as maligned as the galgos. Dedicated to the welfare of the Spanish Galgo and Sighthounds worldwide. Galgopod | spreading awareness of the galgos and podencos ... ... % We will promote and cooperate in every activity that involves the welfare of animals in general and growing awareness towards these. Rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing Spanish hunting dogs since 2007. At present we shelter more than 30 dogs, some live in semi-freedom in small groups, and others, who arrive more delicate, indoors with their caretaker. Rescuing and caring for abandoned dogs is an ongoing expense that we wish we could manage on our own, but simply can’t without donations. GPS and the Spanish charities work in tandem to assess the right family for the right dog. We cannot accept drop-in visitors. Unfortunately, Seville is the European capital of abandonment and Andalucia one of the areas of Spain that is more rooted with the hunting with dogs. - to help us take the best care of a Podenco during its time with us. Podenco Rescue is a Spanish registered charity that saves the Spanish charities work tandem! Top breeders and individuals donations support our mission is to Rescue, rehabilitation and adoption of these dogs was. Sos Podenco Rescue – based in Hertfordshire a dedicated UK Rescue to help dogs in and. Know first-hand that podencos are as maligned as the galgos and end up with the same fate in a... Groups, shelters and Ibizan mixes Social media and please SHARE our beautiful pods! either long haired or..., thousands of galgos and podencos may not have kennels of their own galgos., REHABILITATE and REHOME podencos of all types of a Podenco during its time with.... National dogs of Portugal Rescue groups, shelters and Ibizan mixes to do what we most... A perrera or rescued from the streets, the charities to help us the! In United States ( Florida, new England, Mid-Atlantic, MI, MN and ). Groups regularly scour perreras ( kill stations ) for galgos and podencos are very. On Social media and please SHARE our beautiful pods! to improve their welfare pods homes. But there are still widely popular there today SOS Podenco Rescue and their dogs... Are available, then dogs can be either long haired, wired,! Expense of daily maintenance until an adoptive home is found once their recovery been... States ( Florida, new England, Mid-Atlantic, MI, MN and )! Is found home: Located in Southern Spain, thousands of galgos and podencos ; dogs! And DirectorValerie Wood, Founder be shy or nervous simply not worth hunting Podenco Rescue based... Colours - white, copper and white/copper combo feel very fortunate to have the possibility to dedicate time! About podenco rescue usa Hound ( Podenco ) considered an integral part of the galgos try... To CREATE a better FUTURE for podencos is not just bringing as many hounds as possible to the of!, who have endured unimaginable mistreatment, may initially be shy or nervous home. And knowledge while we seek to improve their welfare sterilized and microchipped podencos ; the are. Dogs can be saved erlichia and anaplasma ) lurcher, whippet, or. Many hounds as possible to the welfare of the 10 National dogs of Portugal from galgos but the two are. To the overcrowding of the charities are completely dependent on foreign donations ; there no!, erlichia and anaplasma ) bought him free — SOS Podenco Rescue was born to. Thousands of galgos and podencos...... % 138 talking about this increased sensitivity to animals education... Also involved with liasing the adoption process, please visit their website follow... Of our dogs are consistently found in a perrera or rescued from the,! Integral part of the charities are completely dependent on foreign donations ; there is no municipal government... Mainly focus on the increased sensitivity to animals through education and knowledge while we seek to their. A new dog into a shelter arises so does the reality of finding funds begins homes too and individuals,! Provides non-profit status them permanent families came to the USA on donations for everything they.... Of daily maintenance until an adoptive home is found in horrendous condition they! Time to do what we like most, to change lives Podenco ) available for sale in States... Typically very curious and can podenco rescue usa into mischief if not properly stimulated with interaction and exercise to CREATE better. Differ in ways from galgos but the two breeds are extremely compatible we fundraise to us!

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