how to wire electric fan to thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat, Ecobee, Sensi, and other WiFi thermostats, including Honeywell WiFi t-stats allow remote control and monitoring so you can check or change the temperature when you are away. The thermostat wiring on these systems can have very similar wiring properties. Black wire from plug is connected to chassis ground. Since I plan to replace it with the same type model.. Dave’s Reply: Thank you for your electrical wiring questions. Lastly, How to Wire a Thermostat. However, your system may not be common and different colors could have been used. You will use the common wire from one or the other transformers to power the thermostat. The Black Magic electric fan measures 18x16 inches and is 41/4 inches deep, making it the largest electric fan Flex-a-lite provides. What can I do to get power to the third thermostat with only the red and white wire? Thermostat wire comes in many different varieties. It's simple wiring. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. At the end of the power wire and the end of the firewall wire put a butt connection between them and clamp it together to make it stay in place. Suggested Blogs & Resources. However, these colors can be different. In addition, the ground wire should attach to the terminal screw in the electrical box. Additionally, make sure that none of the bare wire is touching anything except the terminal. The thermostat will open or close (depending on the model) when a temperature is reached, allowing power to flow through the fan. Instead it has the terminals vertically, you push the wire in and then tighten a screw. How many transformers are in the system? Finally, the transformer is commonly installed in the air handler. My old tstat has simply a W and a C (black) wire. AC split or package system with gas, oil, or electric heat. Tape the bag below the area where the thermostat. After doing that, make sure the power is off by turning the thermostat to the on position. Snap the thermostat to the mounting plate. 30 (other red wire) needs constant 12-volt power from the battery. The new thermostats require power. Call a professional to install and wire the new thermostat. Single Pole No "Off" Feature: Two electrical wires If the thermostat is set to 40 degrees, as soon as the temperature in the room drops below 40 degrees, it will signal the heater to turn on. If you do it in the way I am going to show you, you won’t have the ability to turn on the fan by itself. Not sure without looking at a wiring diagram of the system. I’ve used ones that you pushed the wire in, applied pressure to the end piece and it was locked in. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, and you can’t hurt my feelings or ego if you point out something easy that I am clearly missing :(). Helpful Page to help you select the right thermostat (opens in a new window). Start and check the heating. 4 Whether it is with your thermostat or HVAC system. Modern furnaces use a control board that usually is based on a time increment for both the starting and stopping of the fan when in heat mode while older furnaces used a mechanical type of relay call the fan limit control that control the fan based on the temperature in the heat exchanger. Cut another piece of the 10-gauge wire long enough to go to the fan. That is not necessary. Attach the wire to the relay terminal opposite the battery terminal. They help you by saving energy, lowering energy use and lowering energy bills. Hold it up to the wall in the position you want it. If any of the old paint is going to show, you may want to make some touch-ups now. A) Temperature sensor with a human set trip temperature point      Changes an impedance (lowers) to indicate when the set point occures B) The energy to operate the system is 24VAC from a small transformer. After finishing with that, install the new sub-base back on the wall in the position you want it. system. To wire a thermostat, you must first be aware of the type of system that you have in your home. Electrical Question #2: How is a Honeywell Thermostat wired? Additionally, see the thermostat wiring color code chart to help with How to Wire a Thermostat. Or a single relay could be used to control both fans. Also, connect the white wire from the fan to the black wire from thermostat. Undo the wires from the pencil or pen and run them through the center of the sub-base. Connect the black thermostat wire to the black cable wire, the white thermostat wire to the white cable wire and the ground wire to the green ground screw in the box. C refers to Common in the 24 volt circuit and on the old mechanical thermostat I am not sure what the C stands for but you do need three wires and yes it would be better to run a bundle of more in case in the future you upgrade. Basic Control Circuits for HVAC Article (opens in a new window). Furthermore, older mechanical thermostats contain mercury, and mercury is extremely hazardous to human health and our environment. These systems can be very complex and may require special sub-bases so the thermostat control circuit will work properly. A large majority of homes today have an HVAC system containing a Furnace (Oil, Gas or Electric) and An A/C Unit. Additionally, for heat pumps, there are different controls, and wires for these controls run into the thermostat, they are multi-colored thermostat wires. Great website. Wires that fall back into the wall must be fished … With that combination you describe it is probably best to call a pro. Determine if this is a zoned system? Connect the black wire from the fan to the red wire from the thermostat. Is there something I missed? Often, I find that the only thing people know about their AC and Heating systems is how to turn the thermostat on and off.

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