Welcome to Villa Love San Augustin!

A lovely warm, eco-friendly holiday destination radiating with positive energy.

The villa is located in a quiet countryside spot, but close enough to civilization for you to get to the coast and the bustling town of San Antoni in a quick drive.

Sitting on a big site of land, the villa has a grand garden filled with beautiful plants and trees that provide fresh fruits in their respectable seasons.

Plenty of hammocks and outdoor Bali beds make sure that you can lounge comfortably beside the glistening very large pool.

The villa itself is equipped with a large living room with fireplace, kitchen and in / outdoor dining area for you to use, all cozily furnished in minimalistic design.

The four differently themed and decorated rooms all contain a private bathroom.

Last but not least, the property has a beautiful and spacious dome and outside deck where you can book yoga classes, massages or similar.

Feel free to do your own yoga practice or meditate in peace.

The dome also grants opportunities for holding spiritual ceremonies, workshops and retreats.

Air-conditioning and central heating throughout. No smoking inside the rooms or the villa. Pets are allowed, but please keep in mind that a friendly dog lives here.